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Uvod u PHP i MySQL

Tečaj PHP i MySQL. Svrha tečaja je upoznavanje s programskim jezikom PHP i upravljanje relacijskim bazama podataka MySQL.  Poželjno je i poznavanje upita bazama podataka SQL.  ...

XAMPP: Connect to MySQL with PHP in XAMPP / Create a new database

Ken Swartwout This video will discuss how to create a database using PhpMyAdmin and connect to that database using PHP- mysqli. Syntax is discussed as well as some best practices. There a re many out...

XAMPP: How to Install XAMPP Server on Windows 10 | Tutorial For Beginners

Brimi Tech XAMPP For Windows 64 Bit XAMPP is a free open source configure Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl package software .It creates an easy platform for web designers and developers to install all t...

XAMPP: MySQL and phpMyAdmin dont work

Murugan S This Tutorial helps to [Solved] XAMPP: MySQL and phpMyAdmin don't work...